Jamie pea

Frame Culinary Creativity
to Create Online Visual Endurance


Project introduction

The friend

Jamie Penaloza is a food creative, cook chef and art lover, born in Hong Kong, raised in New Jersey and sailed onwards to Scotland and London.

Meet the Artist


The mission

As she continued to expand her knowledge in food, she eventually step-by-step developed a singular personality through her social media channels, sharing recipes and lifestyle videos featuring the gathering of people and food.

While she was working on a food project, sharing a-toast-a-day, we collaborated together to design a creative and flexible guideline that would enable her to keep sharing her recipes daily while generating creative visual content to match her daily food and mood.

Challenges and objectives

While the food recipes were mastered by Jamie, my first step was to improvise and design a look and feel inspired by the shapes, colors and textures of the ingredients, while still maintaining a creative environment that wouldn't feel disruptive to the Toast itself. The second step was to design a simple guideline which could easily be shared and re-used on her own. We ended up buying a lot of papers with several grains to create the most accurate creative and supportive environment for the toast to rise, eventually refining the style into a sharp photography composition, inspired by Minimal Arts.


Creative answer