Admire what you can’t understand.


There is something unique in people looking at each other. It is like a secret language, an invisible connection between two beings.

From the outside, you see the action but do not understand its purpose. You read the line but can’t translate the idea, only because… It, is unique… It, is private. A privacy that defines us as who we are, not as a whole, but as a One. A privacy where, I believed, is anchored the roots of our “individuality” against a broader term marginally called “People”.

The beauty of it?

It, is alive. This invisible “It”, this indescribable thing is as unpredictable as it is animating, here around us, everywhere and nowhere. Through the days, weeks, months, years, decades, Through Time, Through Life…These connections between us evolves. In-and-Out. Deep and Shallow, Intense and Soft, Loud and Quiet.

When I look at Her. I know she knows and no words are expressively needed to further describe what “It” is.

People call it Love, Passion, Compassion, Admiration, Share, Care, Respect, Attention, Admiration or even Envy…

I call it Life.

And on this particular sunny Saturday, March 10th, on the Western Public District Cargo Area - or instagram Pier of Hong Kong, we looked at each other, while someone else was looking at us - framing an invisible moment of ours with a beautiful and experienced film camera. A Minolta XG9 coupled with a Kodak colorplus 200 giving birth to a warm and touching tones which say it all.

We had no idea of the existence of this shot until, leading by curiosity and passion I approached this woman to talk about her film camera, and it is only a week after that the image came out and had been kindly and humanly returned it to its soul owners.

She offered me the visuals, I offer you the words.
This is a story of conscious and curious individuals who decided out of nowhere to humanly and collaboratively create together with intention to Share.

She is a talented film photographer named @jennleung, and I am just a guy on a picture. It sounds like nothing, it would be right to be nothing. Because at the end of all - we are nothing and everything, like Life and Death. What only matters is why will you decide to intuitively create, what only matters is how will you decide to intuitively create, and eventually what only matters is what will you decide to intuitively create, on your own or with others, for yourself or for people, in-between this given and inexistent Time.

So here I am, storytelling about what this invisible moment means to me, sharing what this picture feels to me, and eventually writing a post on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Hong Kong,March, 18th, in hope to inspire you to be well.

To all the readers who managed to reach the bottom line:
Look around you and admire what you can’t understand, this is Life to me.